Ainslie’s Vibes

Ainslie's Vibes perform music in the parkAfter years of being a highly respected guitar player Tim has finally stepped up to the mark and is now fronting his own band ‘Ainslie’s Vibes’. Tim approached two lifelong friends and musicians, Roy Little (bass) and Alex Best (drums) who jumped at the chance to be involved in a new original project.  The trio gelled straight away with each member contributing personality and creativity into the mix.  Ainslie’s Vibes debut cd, ‘The People Have Spoken’ was released and the band went on to record studio and live gig sessions with the BBC.  Having re-visited Roundel studios in Kent in 2011, the follow up album ‘Standing Ten Feet Tall (and Raging Like a Bull)’ was released early 2012. It is a collection of self written songs steeped in the blues but also crossing over many other styles and influences.