………’joined by Alex Best and Roy Little, who provide a solid platform for Tim’s virtuoso guitar work’ – Alan Harvey, Blues In Britain

‘Tim Ainslie’s guitar work on ‘Remise’ is spellbinding’ – Stephen Foster, BBC Radio

‘Tim Ainslie made his wonderfully effective and hard working guitar playing look effortless  ………  Tim Ainslie’s beautiful guitar work which is stunning….’ – Ashwyn Smythe, Digital Blues

‘Guitarists of this calibre are a rare breed, tone and rhythm in bucket loads’ – East Anglian Press

Critically acclaimed by BBC Radio 2’s Paul Jones and BBC Blues specialist Stephen Foster – ‘It’s more about the notes he doesn’t play, as the one’s he does’!

‘Stunning debut CD ‘The People Have Spoken’ by Ainslie’s Vibes top class musicianship and songwriting and highly entertaining live show’.

‘I really like your music. It is twangy guitar, up, catchy, foot stomping…. You also have a strong rock and roll vocal going on with “The People Have Spoken”, … Cool stuff.’ –  Bob Johnson, Program Director WPKN Radio

‘You are one of the best “new artists” I have heard in years!!!!!’ – Ton, Tripple R Radio, Netherlands

‘That’s some excellent material you’ve recorded!’ Thanks! – Bill Brewer, Jazz and Blues Director, KZSC Santa Cruz, 88.1 FM

’You play some cool guitar-driven blues rock, I like it. Your songs are well crafted and guitar pyrotechnics always work in favour of the songs, never against them. Again, trio format has a lot to offer!’  – Przemek Draheim, Radio Sfera, Torun, Poland.

‘Just wanted to let you know I got the CD’s the other day. Wonderful music.’ – Owen Edwards KGGV-LP Guerneville, California